Prominent is working help Mississippi businesses recover from Hurricane Katrina
September 12, 2005

Businesses along the Gulf Coast and throughout much of Mississippi were severely affected by the storm. We know that restoring our state's economy will be a costly and lengthy process. With this in mind, the Mississippi Technology Alliance is organizing a network of technical support providers to help storm-stricken small companies access the technology resources they need in order to get their business up and running again as quickly and affordably as possible.

Prominent has agreed to offer technology support services at-cost to businesses affected by Hurricane Katrina who do not already have contractual agreements for technology services. If your small company needs assistance, we encourage you to contact Jackie Meck with Prominent Technologies at 601-427-1001 x12 or via email at

Services include:

  • Web Site Hosting & Recovery

  • Email Hosting with Spam Filtering

  • Hardware as a Dell Reseller

  • Software Applications

  • Network Design

  • Consulting

  • Software Development

Prominent Technologies specializes in Financial and Insurance Services, but has extensive experience with a variety of organizations, from churches to non-profits to retailers.  Prominent can also assist in getting existing email and web traffic redirected to bring businesses back online.

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